Faber Technique & Artistry is a teaching and professional development resource that uses state-of-the-art videos to teach, demonstrate and reinforce whole-body, three-dimensional piano technique for all levels.

It starts with Nancy and Randall Faber’s 30 Technique Secrets — such as the wrist float-off, the up-touch, light thumb, and wrist circles — which present a developmental scaffold to teach pianistic gestures for expressive playing.

The offering expands to include videos of Fred Karpoff — bringing additional, detailed instruction with a skill-based professional development focus — to boost execution of arpeggios, trills, tremolos, octaves, and repeated notes.

Tying it all together is the Repertoire Library, which allows you to explore piano literature through video tutorials, to apply the technique concepts directly to a vast amount of elementary, intermediate and advanced music that you teach and play.

A unique feature of Faber Technique & Artistry is StudentLink™. This allows you to create your own Studio to connect with your students and assign specific videos to view. In future releases you will be able to monitor your students’ progress in various skills, observe their viewing history, and assign and track assignments and quizzes.

Our mission is to unlock the creative potential in every musician, by empowering teachers and students to master effortless piano technique.

About Nancy and Randall Faber

Nancy and Randall Faber have combined their backgrounds as composer and performer to become leading supporters of piano teachers and students. The husband and wife team has authored over 300 publications, including the highly respected Piano Adventures® method which has motivated students around the world.

The Fabers advocate piano study not only for personal expression and performance success, but also as a vehicle for the student’s creative and cognitive development. Their philosophy is reflected in their writing, their public appearances, and in their own teaching.

The Fabers are co-founders of the Faber Piano Institute, and recently received the MTNA Frances Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award.

About Fred Karpoff

Winner of the MTNA Frances Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award and former USIA Artistic Ambassador to six countries, Fred Karpoff is Professor of Piano at Syracuse University. He has continued to develop his multi-dimensional approach to piano teaching through a wide range of experience, including Tai Chi, Feldenkrais and the Alexander Technique. As Director of Professional Development at the Faber Piano Institute, Fred guides teachers and students toward more efficient, healthful and expressive playing.

Fred has been fortunate to study with Leon Fleisher, Ann Schein, Yoheved Kaplinsky and Robert Weirich, and to have had extensive coachings with Karl Ulrich Schnabel and Richard Goode. He is an international Steinway Artist.